New Poem: Seaweed Rice Cakes

seaweed rice cakes   come sit with me at the laundromat just for a moment as i try to find sustenance by eating seaweed laced rice cakes chased with spiced rum and lemon lime soda   watch those clothes spin at un-recorable speeds as i sit and think of all the personal things the unmentionable secrets … Continue reading

New Orleans! (a travel review)

So it’s about time I review a place. Here it is my first travel review!!!! ——— New Orleans… whats there to say about a city so much has been said about you might ask. I answer heartily “a shit ton!”. Whenever i visit this old city i am overcome with a familiarity that borders on creepy. … Continue reading

Sheffield Alabama ; a Poem

I wrote this poem three years ago the morning after my band played a show in Sheffield AL… “Sheffield” Last night I slept beneath the Baphemete and woke up feeling less than fresh so i went out to smoke my cigarette and basked in the warmth of an alabama morning that i will not forget … Continue reading


white squares are forming in my vision. made from the remainder of light. the scar tissue of a cold night here i am a lonely man wondering when i will be free free to roam to live alone and die so peacefully what a morbid whiney bastard. i cant believe that i am thinking like … Continue reading

mrs. bobbie and i have the best conversations

 This is a poem i wrote after having a discussion with an older lady at a garage sale. The discussion was inspiring… mrs. bobbie and i have the best conversations discussing the meaning of being a christian two philosophies two denominations non denominationally conversing love is key as well as humility always smiling while speaking … Continue reading


EVN MOR HAIKU…   science is better practical mathematics numbers dont make sense   way to serious haters are harshmellows smothering my vibes   people keep talking no one seems to be walking i need more whiskey   ponder the popcorn cieling and its mysteries thinking out of box


KNOWLEDGE IRON a poem by todd the troubadour funny how after watching so many of my friends dull themselves against the iron of knowledge i myself am still butting heads with god so many years later and we’re all as blind as ever just innocent sheep being led to the slaughter by power drunk shepherds … Continue reading

Haiku … LOTS of Haiku

music is keylove is essential to mepeace and harmony poetry is lovelove hurts so said my friend roystupid poetry life is so fleetingtime is on nobodies sidewisdom is costly i used to be a handyman now i sell gunsdumb economy the sun is settingthe world is spinning roundballet in space time sattelite hangingspace junk surrounds sattelitehumans … Continue reading